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Welfare at EA Durham

​Our welfare team at EA Durham is here for all members of the group to make use of. You can also check out some useful links and resources below but our welfare reps can be contacted for any concerns and questions that you might have about anything both inside and outside of effective altruism. Don't be afraid to reach out to our welfare reps if you have any wellbeing issues, or even if you just want a quick chat. 

Meet them below!


Hey everyone! I’m Elisa and I’m one of Durham University’s effective altruism welfare reps. I’m so happy to hear that you’re interested in making a positive impact in the world through learning about EA. However, life can get TOUGH sometimes and suddenly we may find ourselves completely overwhelmed by deadlines, social commitments and just life in general. I have plenty of experience with these stresses and I’d love to support you through your own. Even just a quick chat to make sure it doesn’t reach the point of overwhelm can be really helpful. <3


​Contact me for any welfare concerns you may have about EA specifically or anything else. My email is Alternatively, if you’d prefer, my phone number is 07581270337. 


Hi, I'm Alex, a 2nd year studying maths and philosophy (eww, I know). Uni can be stressful and working hard to do good in EA can add to this, so I'm here to chat if you're struggling for whatever reason. Or if you just want to chat about philosophy or EA! Basically, I'm here to listen.


Why me?

  • As a trainee Samaritans listening volunteer, I should be a good listener.

  • I've been told I'm adorable and give good hugs.

  • As an Arete (intro) fellowship facilitator I should have (hopefully!) done the readings so can help catch you up if you're behind.



Mental Health as a cause area of concern

Self Care in EA

You’re probably getting involved in Effective Altruism because you really want to make an impact. Sometimes it can be easy to start to base your self-worth on how much you think you’re making an impact, especially when you’re spending a lot of time thinking about effective altruism! Here are some helpful articles and links to encourage you to think creatively and positively about making a change:


Welfare resources from the EA community


University welfare support


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