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There are so many exciting opportunities within the Effective Altruism community as a whole, and within Effective Altruism Durham (of course!), so here are some of our favourites!



80,000 hours do a bunch of research into the world's most pressing problems, and how to find the best career to tackle them, so they offer free online 1-1 career advice focused on helping you to improve the world as much as possible.

I (Alex Vellins) have spoken to them twice and I gained:

• Useful research questions and alternative framings

• A great variety of useful resources

•I learned about options that I hadn't previously considered

We've written more about what EA Durham people have to say here:


Magnify Mentoring has a wholesome and inclusive community of 500 people across 50 countries.

While they typically focus on women, non-binary and transgender people, they have recently opened an unrestricted round for people of all minorities.

Through Magnify Mentoring, I was paired with a mentor who is very kind, knowledgeable and experience in a variety of fields. I would personally strongly recommend them!

Alex V.png

There's a lot of stuff here, so if you're still not sure I, (Alex Vellins, co-president of EA Durham), would love to chat! There is no application form and no preparation needed. I can talk you through the opportunities available and help you formulate your answers to the questions in the 80,000 hours application. 


These 12 week online courses, by BlueDot Impact, are open now, with application deadlines in May and June. They involve learning alongside others with an experienced facilitator; and help you in your next steps by sharing opportunities within their large network and potentially connecting you with recruiters.



If that wasn't enough, I've compiled some recommendations that I'm excited about in a google document. It contains:

  • Regularly updated time sensitive opportunities,

  • Motivating and mental health resources that I think more Effective Altruists should read, and

  • Cause area specific resources, including job boards and newsletters.

Phew, that's it! I hope this helped :D

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