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Here you can find additional information on the various programmes and workshops we run, which vary throughout the year.

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Arete Fellowship

Status: Applications have closed for the current round (Michaelmas 2023) of the fellowship.

The Arete Fellowship is an 8-week seminar programme aimed to help you think about how you can have a positive impact on the world. Each week, fellows will read, think about and discuss key ideas and concepts from a range of disciplines related to doing good effectively.


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In-Depth EA (IDEA) Fellowship


Status: Applications have closed for the current round (Michaelmas 2023) of the fellowship.

The IDEA (In-Depth EA) Fellowship is open to everybody who has completed the Arete Fellowship. It’s an eight-week programme, beginning with two weeks of setting intentions and thinking about our own values and how we arrive at them, followed by 6 weeks where your fellowship group decides together which topics to cover.

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