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Get involved

If effective altruism sounds interesting to you, there are plenty of ways to get involved at EA Durham!

  • We recommend everyone who is interested check out and apply for our introductory fellowship, known as the Arete Fellowship. 

  • If you've completed the Arete Fellowship in a previous year, you're able to apply for our In-Depth EA (IDEA) Fellowship.

  • If you want to get stuck straight in with cause area specific content, we run discussion groups for the following cause areas:

  • Come to one of our talks! Check out our Events page to see what we've got coming up and register.

  • Book a meeting with one of our exec members! Reasons you might want to do so include:​​

    • You want to talk more in depth one-to-one with someone on an EA-related topic​

    • You want to know more about what being on the exec of EA Durham entails

    • You're considering pursuing an impactful career and are wondering what resources/advice we have on offer (quite a bit!)

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