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80,000 HOURS

The average person has 80,000 hours in their career. Choosing your career wisely could multiply your positive impact.

80,000 Hours is a nonprofit that aims to help you find a fulfilling career that does good too. Sign up to get their latest advice, research, and high-impact job opportunities.


We don't currently know when we'll next run our next exploratory careers program, but if this interests you, please register here and we'll contact you once we have more information.

Some of your career options probably have 100x the impact of others. Created by former members of Effective Altruism Oxford, this exploratory programme will give you the chance to look into 80,000 hours' pressing world problems, and explore the arguments for and against a career in each. Here's how it works:

  • Weekly 1 hour long meetings with a small group and a facilitator

  • 5 week programme

  • The 1st session of the 5 weeks is group coworking to fill out the relevant workbook for that track

  • After this session, they will meet with their facilitator to discuss their answers

  • The remaining 4 out of 5 sessions are spent in group discussion. Each week, each participant delivers an informal 5-10 minute presentation on the cause area or long-term path that they have investigated

  • The 'homework' that participants do in between sessions is to investigate a chosen cause area and prepare a short powerpoint. 

At the end of the programme you will have explored 4 top global issues that are candidates for your future career choice. You'll also have heard arguments for several more issues. The aim is broaden your horizons on cause areas that you consider important; and also to research causes you think might be important but which you haven't yet had the time to properly form an opinion about. 

80,000's pressing world problems covered in the programme:
  • AI risk

  • Alternative protein

  • Biological risk

  • Building Effective Altruism

  • Civilisational collapse

  • Climate change (non-existential)

  • Climate change (existential)

  • Criminal justice reform

  • Economic growth

  • Farm animal welfare

  • Global governance

  • Global health and development

Resources (to be finalised)

- Workbook

- Cause area readings

- Powerpoint template

- Example slides: Mental Health

- Example slides: Great Power Conflict

  • Global priorities research

  • Great power conflict

  • Improving institutions

  • Mental health

  • Nuclear security

  • Patient philanthropy

  • Public goods provision

  • Risks of large-scale suffering ('s-risks')

  • Safeguarding liberal democracy

  • Space governance

  • Voting reform

  • Wild animal welfare

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