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For current fellows

This page is where you'll find all the key information you'll need if you're currently doing the Arete Fellowship. If you have any questions that haven't been answered on this page, please message Shannon (Lead Organiser) at

Missing single sessions

  • Know you’re going to be absent for a week?

    • Email Shannon ( to let her know - she will forward this to your facilitator also.

    • You have two options to catch up: ​

      • Request to attend another cohort meeting for that week by clicking here. Note that by the Thursday of Week N, all groups will have completed their meeting for the Week N reading (but you still have the option to catch up by booking a 1-1 meeting as detailed below).​​​​

      • Request a catch up 1-1 meeting with Shannon by clicking here.

  • Missed a week?

    • You’ll receive a standard email letting you know what to do if you’re absent and we don’t know why

More permanent changes

  • Need to permanently move to a different cohort?

  • Need to withdraw from the fellowship?

    • We understand that the fellowship is a time commitment. If you’re finding that you no longer have time to engage with the fellowship or need to withdraw for some other reason then let Shannon know at

    • Also, you can reach out to one of our Welfare Reps, Alex or Elisa.

    • If you withdraw, you will be notified the next time we run the fellowship. If you have more time in the future, then we would love to have you back! You’ll be automatically given a place if you are more available at that time. 

    • Book a farewell 1-on-1! We strongly encourage this - it helps us figure out if there is some way we can support you, even if you're no longer doing the fellowship! 

    • Subscribe to our mailing list here

Current cohort information

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