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Week 6: Risks from Artificial Intelligence

Transformative artificial intelligence may well be developed this century. If it is, it may begin to make many significant decisions for us, and rapidly accelerate changes like economic growth. Are we set up to deal with this new technology safely?

This session you’ll also:

  • Learn about Bayes’ rule, a guide to how to change your beliefs as you get new evidence.

Required Materials

The case for worrying about risks from artificial intelligence:

Strategies for reducing risks from unaligned artificial intelligence:


Bayes’ rule and evidence:


Suffering risks:

More to explore

The development of artificial intelligence

  • AlphaGo - The Movie - DeepMind - A documentary exploring what artificial intelligence can reveal about the 3000-year-old game of Go, and what that can teach us about the future potential of artificial intelligence. (Video - 1 hour 30 mins.)

  • The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 - A fun and interesting exploration of artificial intelligence by the popular blogger Tim Urban. (45 mins.)

Other resources on aligning artificial intelligence

Governance for artificial intelligence

Technical AI alignment work

Criticisms of worries about AI risk

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